Custom Guitar Works Melbourne

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Custom Guitar Works Melbourne

Postby reescustom » Fri Jul 24, 2015 11:36 am

Hey I just wanted to introduce myself, my name is Cam from Custom Guitar Works in Melbourne. I am a long time tragic KISS fan and have built nearly every guitar Kiss have had in their hands.
I am first and foremost a repairer but am partial to a one of a kind build and are currently building a Shadow VV for a customer.
I have build the Ace Frehley Light up guitar, multiple Gene Simmons Axe's and nearly all of Paul Stanley's guitars including his Hamer's.
Looking forward to having a chat.

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Re: Custom Guitar Works Melbourne

Postby Genebaby » Fri Jul 24, 2015 3:06 pm

Hi Cam,

I believe we've talked as I filmed Xhalen when they played in Canberra a number of years ago, and once again, you guys were fabulous.

I remember finding out that you had made your and Enzo's guitars (who was fantastic as Eddie) and being very impressed.

I've got a VVV built in the US that one day needs to be fixed up. One day.

Welcome to the board, great to have a Kiss fan who builds guitars.

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Re: Custom Guitar Works Melbourne

Postby shramiac » Fri Jul 24, 2015 9:00 pm

More Aussies on board! Cool!

Welcome Cam. Seen some of your guitars online over the years and they always look good.

Get that VVV fixed Vic! :P

I got mine cleaned up as soon as possible. :mrgreen:

Mine doesn't have the preamp though. Vinnie's was probably a JE1000 mid range boost preamp I'm guessing.
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Re: Custom Guitar Works Melbourne

Postby birnie » Tue Jul 28, 2015 1:34 am

Welcome aboard !
Are you allowed to show some pic progress of the VV build ?

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Re: Custom Guitar Works Melbourne

Postby poserboy71 » Mon Aug 17, 2015 6:46 am

Howdy !
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