Fighting the Good Flight For Made in the U.S of A

By Tom Palecki
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Fighting the Good Flight For Made in the U.S of A

Postby metatron » Mon Nov 21, 2016 10:41 pm

Been listen to Jimmy Church, 'Fade to Black' podcast for a while now.
Jimmy is a really cool Hair Metal Rock guy with a background in the Music Industry, besides having his show.
Jimmy has been bringing up the subject of jobs been wiped off the face of the American landscape for a while.
Of course, I couldn't help myself - Said you know what? This is a great place to promote the ultimate in guitar builds & builders.

My E-mail to Jimmy,
'Hi Jimmy. Just a note to express how proud I am of you, Rita, all the F2B staff & all the guest speakers you have on your show. You're true scholar & gentlemen & someone (I hope I don't over step the boundary by saying) a friend. I'm very very interested when you touch on the subject of getting jobs back onto American soil. The one I vividly recall is when you talk about American made Guitars. That one tugs at the heart string. I say this cause I've been luck enough to have had a custom handbuilt guitar from Tom Palecki of AZG/Pear Guitars in Arizona. Pretty much not one part on this guitar was 'Made in China' – Only American, German & British parts. And hand built by Tom. Was wondering if you have ever considered doing a show dedicated to 'Made in America' – Just a suggestion as I think with the whole victory of the American populace being woken up from the brainwashing coma of the fake press & it showing in the outcome of your recent election outcome, it could be a great show to do. – I say this cause being an Australian, we are in middle of the ultimate destruction of the middle class as corpocracies sleeping with our globalist government are destroying the face of Australia & it's culture. – So I feel the pain of my friends in the States. – Anyways, just a suggestion. As always Love & Respect to you & yours. Dannii (Danny) Paris'

From Jimmy. 'Dannii-
Thank you so much for the kind words...yeah...'made in the USA' seems to be a thing of the past...the change happened during my lifetime but I'm not so sure that I'll be around long enough to see it come back.
One thing I am sure of is that there is a general realization that it has happened and at least it's being talked about...we'll see what happens.
I'll continue to do my part and speak about it as often as I can.
again, thank you.

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