Pablo Neruda,his poems, a vernissage and my music

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Pablo Neruda,his poems, a vernissage and my music

Postby ankh » Wed Nov 05, 2014 8:38 am

On thursday afternoon i was called and asked if i was interested to partecipate in a project featuring paintings inspired by poems of Pablo Neruda.I was.
The day afterwards,at 15.00 pm i wento to the organizer's studio to know the details about the expo and the whereabouts.
She told me that she was organizing an expo with several paintings made by a local artist,in a quite famous location.Her idea was to call also five actors to read some of the Neruda's poems,with music in the background.Instead of using classical music, she asksed me if i was interested in partecipating in the project,the whole event was made for free.Since it was a chance to spread my name a bit and liked the challenge, i did accept.
Then i did learn that the expo was for the following monday, with just one quick reaharsal,on sunday afternoon.Also, the songs requested were, more less, 15. Due to the circumstances,i couldn't play live, but could i provide a cd?
I spent friday and saturday afternoon picking up music i had that sounded most appropriate for each poem, plus i did create three new short pieces on the spot.Also, the museum didn't have music equipment, in the expo room, so i had to provide that also.
We had a short reahrsal on sunday afternoonand then on monday i went there bringing a portable cd player, a little mixer and a powered speaker,using public transportation.The whole event was sposorized by the mayor 's office and also rreceived quite a lot of media coverage.

The room was quite boomy,and it was difficult to find a balance between the artists voices-they were reading wihtout using a mic- and the music level while retainign a discernible sound, but we managed it.

The people came in, music started and for the next 50 minutes many people filled the room and stood up hearing Neruda poems with the music in the background,while staring at the paitings.

The vernissage was quite a success,good turnout, the organizer was happy, critics were happy, the artist was happy,i did receive many compliments, things went into the right direction. :mrgreen:.
For once, Murphy's law didn't apply :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

Here's an example,sorry about the sound quality: ... =2&theater

the sound was created using an electric guitar,and e bow and some effects
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