VVI TTOY cover

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VVI TTOY cover

Postby Sambo » Sat Jul 27, 2013 10:36 pm

Check out this link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c1Mpn7kcP4s (or copy paste) Hi Guys - I am a new starter to this forum - I didn't even know that VV would have such a cool site. I've been a fan for over 20 years - I met a bloke online called Justin after I recorded an instrumental in VVI TTOY - Was my first attempt at recording a full song with my new home based studio gear. Was rough as you can imagine. I posted it to YouTube and found a man of like mind in Canada (I'm in Australia) and he was keen to record vocals over it as his very first recording with his gear was also That Time of Year ( I knew that when I asked him). But still - how awesome - my international colab was and will always be TTOY - my favorite song of all time. I am a bassist primarily, the recording was really only for me to get a handle on things, but now I must get to VVI standards (ouch- a man has to know his limitations, solos are an issue)
- Its all about the songs. again Check out this link

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Re: VVI TTOY cover

Postby metatron » Tue Aug 27, 2013 2:19 am

Cool :)
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