Lita Ford (with Bobby Rock)

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Lita Ford (with Bobby Rock)

Postby aeroflott » Mon Jun 13, 2016 7:16 pm

I was never a fan of Lita Ford - that's not to say I don't like her music, just never had the opportunity to listen or see her live.

So on Saturday I saw Bobby Rock mention on Instagram that he was playing with her over here in England for one show that very night. I managed to grab a ticket just 3 hours before the show started and drive down to the venue.

Support was from a local band first, then LA Guns. Another band I've not encountered to any real extent, but I'm aware they are steeped in history. Boy did they deliver the goods - great sound, really tight and some killer tunes. Enjoyed them a lot.

Lita Ford came on stage at midnight, which meant many people had already left to catch trains and just to get home. Not sure what the deal was with the venue, but they have a late licence. The first band came on at 8.00, with LA guns coming on stage at around 9.45. It was a shame as the crowd was pretty thin by then. Still a couple hundred people managed to lift the atmosphere and the show went well.

I watched Bobby do his thing for most of the show. I'm no drummer, but it's clear that he goes way above and beyond just being a solid rock drummer. Lots of intricate fills and tricks - and he genuinely seems to love being out there doing his thing.

Above all else, it's great to be able to see these older rockers still out there pounding the road and in a more intimate environment. Here's a vid someone uploaded from the gig - you can see Bobby doing his thing.

A great night - solid performances by everyone, and a personal highlight for me was finally seeing Bobby up there.

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