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Peter Comita

Postby poserboy71 » Sat Dec 27, 2014 4:57 am

This ties into my Vinnie fandom in that Peter Comita was the bassist for Cheap Trick in some very formative years (early 1980's) of my wanting to play an instrument. I was his FB friend for a while over the years and then he disappeared.
I notified the Cheap Trick boys in hopes to get this troubled guy some help.

Adult content !!!! I apologize for the graphic nature of this post:

Ex-Cheap Trick 12 string bassist ,Peter Comita, is in trouble. He has really gone off the deep end. Peter requested my friendship on FB last night and then started posting very graphic and disturbing photos of his naked wife smoking crack.
He put up videos of her performing acts and also acting like she is prostituting herself out to politicians...
Very sad stuff. Both are obviously whacked out on very hard drugs.
I know the CT boys don't owe him anything but this is VERY BAD.
I believe this to be REAL. Peter has been very unique on FB for many years.
Please be warned before viewing his page. IT IS UGLY !!!! ... 58&fref=ts
Peter Comita
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