Vinnie interviews

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Vinnie interviews

Postby Portillo » Fri Nov 16, 2012 9:28 am

What happened between you and KISS / Why did you leave the band? ... 6int_1.mp3

Did you depart friends with the band? ... 6int_2.mp3

How did you first meet up with KISS? ... 6int_3.mp3

What recordings did you make with the band / song-writing process? ... 6int_4.mp3

Contributions to the band apart from recording? ... 6int_5.mp3

What have you done since leaving KISS? ... 6int_6.mp3

What do you think of KISS' albums since you left? ... 6int_7.mp3

How have your fans responded to all of this? ... 6int_8.mp3

How did you find the members for the new band? ... 6int_9.mp3

How did you name your band? ... int_10.mp3

How would you describe the type of music the band is playing? ... int_11.mp3

Do you write all the music and lyrics? ... int_12.mp3

Is there anything you try and write about in your songs? ... int_13.mp3

Does this band fulfill all of your expectations? ... int_14.mp3

What kind of equipment does the band use? ... int_15.mp3

When can we expect the album out? ... int_16.mp3


What really happened with you and KISS? ... 7int_1.mp3

The time between leaving KISS and releasing "Invasion"? ... 7int_2.mp3

What you learned from KISS? ... 7int_3.mp3

Was it a conscious reason not to use keyboards? ... 7int_4.mp3

Was Hendrix someone you listened to? Influences? ... 7int_5.mp3

Your style? ... 7int_6.mp3

Carmine & The Rockers? ... 7int_7.mp3

Recording with Carmine? ... 7int_8.mp3

1979/80? ... 7int_9.mp3

Has your guitar sound changed? ... int_10.mp3

Were you capable of playing like you did on "Invasion" with KISS? ... int_11.mp3

Were you afraid to go out on your own after KISS? ... int_12.mp3

Most guitar players write? ... int_13.mp3

Mick Jones, Foreigner, song-writing & Vinnie's first recordings? ... int_14.mp3

Promoting Vinnie and magazine lying? ... int_15.mp3

Transformation from fusion? ... int_16.mp3

The next record? ... int_17.mp3

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Re: Vinnie interviews

Postby poserboy71 » Fri Nov 16, 2012 9:41 am

Very cool to hear that he sounds somewhat satisfied.
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