Slaughter Gig Cancelled

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Slaughter Gig Cancelled

Postby Calxplorer » Mon Jul 31, 2017 4:30 pm

Where to start man?

Fuck this particular venue!

I took the opportunity to catch a gig being played by none other than Slaughter with Great White headlining. First off, I got tix last minute as I wasn't sure if the current line up of each group would be worth seeing. Tix were 40 bucks which is highway robbery considering the line ups of each group and we'll come on its fuckin slaughter and GW (who used to play for free every year where I used to live fyi). Not exactly the dream bill for that era of music. But what the hell, its two dudes from the Invasion and Great White can't be that bad, right?

I knew the venue was small and that Slaughter was opening, which most groups who play these places are usually cool about talking to people before or after. So, I decided to wear my vintage VVI tour shirt from the debut album in hopes I cold get the dudes to sign it (obviously). When I finally made it to the venue, I was told that Slaughter had cancelled and that there would be no refunds! Decided to stick around for Great White, only to find out the original bill for Jack Russells version of GW was not playing but another version......what a way to kick a guy when he's down. Not sure if was the music that made me leave two songs in or the lame yuppies trying to relive their party daze.
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