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Steam (fanfic)

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Gene was a difficult man.

One moment he could be in the best if moods, and a moment later be at your throat, threatening to shower upon you the hell fire that so famously spewed from his gaping jaws on the stage.

He also had more...personal issues.

He had always told himself that he would never, ever become entangled with any of his bandmates...

However, even after having all the women he could possibly want, he was never sated.

He couldn't mark them with his aura, he couldn't claim them as his demonic possession forever.

And most of them were sluts, anyway, he reminded himself.

He needed the satisfaction of stealing away someone's "virgin soul" as he so aptly said in his iconic song 'God of Thunder'.

But who?

Humans were weak, and they didn't know of his power.

However... There were a few options...

His bandmates were not human either, and so, they were the perfect solution to his difficulties.

However, Gene had no way to tell for sure if they were interested in the same sex.

Not that it mattered, of course, as the Demon always got what he wanted, and a loyal plaything was no exception.

He observed Paul for some time, before deciding that their egos would clash too much.

He looked to Peter, thinking that the cat was cute, buuuuut...not serious enough.

Finally, he came to Ace.

The alien was not only fucking gorgeous both in and out of makeup, but also silly, always blitzed, and most importantly- kinky.

There wasn't anything that fucking kinky bitch wouldn't do.

He had no issues strutting around half dressed, and had no problem making filthy jokes and strange, flirtatious remarks that left the others confused and left the Demon rock hard.

He was also insecure, quick to trust, very clingy, and had a pension for needing constant attention.

Gene now had his target.
Besides, he'd had all sorts of ideas for whoever he would court, and now...they'd work even better.

He hadn't quite yet decided how to approach Ace, but he didn't have to, as the opportunity arose accidentally... And he took it.

* * *

Ace sauntered down the hall, humming to himself.
He was heading for the shower, and had already stripped down, discarding his clothes and tying a towel around his waist.

He had almost reached the bathroom when he bumped into Gene.
He gasped, startled, and took a step back.

"Aw, geez, I didn't see ya there, curly!
Sorry 'bout that!" He scratched his head, looking up at his band mate.

Gene looked the alien over, then nodded, "It's no problem."

Ace fiddled with his hair, smiling awkwardly.
"Well then, I'll just be...going..excuse me."

Gene put a hand out, stopping him.
"Hold on a sec...Ace, there's something I wanted to tell you..."

The shorter man looked up at him, "Yea? What's on your mind?"

"It's a question, really. Are you fucking with anyone?"

Gene's question was so blunt that it made Ace's eyes widen and his mouth open in surprise, and just as the alien stammered out a "no", his towel somehow unknotted, as if hit with the impact of the bluntness as well.

The towel slipped off of Ace's feminine hips and made a soft whoosh as it hit the floor.

Ace gasped, eyes widening further.
He was too stunned to react as Gene's dark eyes ravaged his nude body, and found that he could only watch as the demon slowly bent and picked up the towel.

Gene leaned in closer as he got the towel, inhaling Ace's scent.
It was sweet, yet sort of bitter, and Gene's demonic nose picked up traces of whiskey and vodka.

He slid his tongue out to its full extent and touched it to Ace's flesh, letting the wet muscle drag on as he slowly stood up.

His tongue reached Ace's neck, and he pulled back, looking the stunned alien in the eyes.

Before Ace could react, Gene swooped him off his feet and staggered into the bathroom, kicking the door shut.

He sat Ace on the side of the tub and tossed his towel aside, hastily removing his own clothes.

Ace was flushed and embarrassed, and he was stammering and trying to say something but couldn't.

Gene turned on the shower and turned around, grabbing Ace and holding him up close.

The demon stepped into the spacious shower and slammed the curtain shut, letting the hot water pour over himself and Ace.

He grabbed the soap and squirted a large amount into his hand, sliding it over Aces back.

The alien gasped, and then shuddered as Gene began lathering him up.
The demons slippery hands slid over the alien until he was covered in soap.

Ace bit his lip, blushing as Genes hands roved his body.
The demon slid his large hands down Ace's slick back, onto his hip, around to squeeze his tight ass firmly.

He made small grunting noises to answer the little mewls that Ace was emitting, and found himself becoming very aroused.

He slid his hand around and grasped hold of the smaller man's member, tugging lightly.

Ace gasped, arms securing onto the demons large shoulders.
He squirmed as the older man tugged and massaged his now aroused member, causing the demon to chuckle.

"If you want it, you gotta work for it," Gene murmured into his ear.

He pulled back a bit, "Turn around and bend over," he instructed, and Ace obeyed quickly, turning around and bending to grasp his ankles.

Gene's hand came down on his ass, making the alien jump a bit.

He smacked again, and Ace bit his lip.
God, this was making him so fucking hot.

Gene continued his attack, Ace's moans and yelps becoming more and more desperate with each strike.

Gene smacked him once more, and then stopped, reaching down and gently grasping Ace by the hair.

He pulled him up and turned him around, pushing him down onto his knees.

Ace loved this, being forced to submit to Gene, and he wanted to be a good bitch, so he waited patiently for his next command.

"Make me happy," Gene purred, releasing the aliens hair.
Ace nodded almost gleefully, leaning forwards and immediately working on the demons cock with small, enthusiastic licks.

Gene grunted, biting his tongue as Ace licked and sucked on his member.
Ace took the whole head into his mouth, swirling his tongue over it before releasing it with a slight pop.

The demon's cock bounced a bit, and Ace eagerly took it in deeper, moaning.
His hand slid down and stroked his own throbbing length, letting out a whine when Gene told him to stop.

"If you're patient, you'll get my cock sooner," the demon promised, petting Ace's head a bit.

Ace tried to be patient but he couldn't take it anymore.

He wrapped his arms around one of Gene's legs, licking the man's member a few more times.

"Please, I'll do whatever you want just...don't make me wait anymore, please?" He begged between licks, his cock throbbing painfully.

Gene huffed a bit, but nodded. "It's alright, Ill do it now...but if I do, I'm going in dry, alright? Are you sure you don't want to be patient so when you're done I can prep you?"

Ace shook his head, "Fuck, g-go in dry, I don't care if I bleed, just please, please don't make me wait!"

Gene's sick mind got a new idea, a fetish he'd been toying with for awhile.
"Alright, alright, but you have to call me Daddy..."

Ace's whole body flushed, and his breathing hitched.
He had wanted to experience the Daddy kink with someone, but had been too shy to ask anyone.

"Daddy...oh, Daddy please," he breathed, and Gene immediately took action.

"Stand up," he instructed, and Ace did so quickly.
The demon grabbed Ace and hoisted him up, and the alien barely had time to cry out before Gene's entire member was rammed up into him.

"Ohh! Fuck, fuck! Please!" Ace howled, and Gene complied, slamming the alien into the wall as he pounded him.

Ace clung to the demon, nails dragging over his flesh.
The pain of such a huge dick in him was minimal compared to the pleasure he felt, and when Gene bit and nipped at his neck, goosebumps erupted all over him.

He felt himself reaching his limit, and Gene let out a loud growl before unloading into him.

Ace cried out as thick wet heat filled him up, and a moment later he came himself.
Gene slammed down to his knees and bent quickly, locking his mouth over Ace's cock to catch all of the alien's release.

He made a pleased, gutteral noise in his throat, humming as he sat up and licked his teeth.

Ace was panting heavily, and as Gene started to stand up, the alien reached for him.

Gene smiled, picking him up and turning off the water.
The bathroom was full of steam, and Gene waved it away, cuddling Ace close and grinning.

"So since you're not fucking anyone else, you'll be mine, right?"

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